Saturday, January 14, 2012

facebook status

"[LIKE] mah status if you think I’m cute!
Do you like this booty?
[LIKE] mah status if you [LIKE] mah serious face. [LIKE] mah status! This mah serious face.
[LIKE] mah status if you love food.
[LIKE] mah status if you a pimp!
[LIKE] mah status if you love slinky. Look at that shit go!
[LIKE] mah status if you love tissue!
[LIKE] mah status if you love Japanese shit
If you like pumps. [LIKE] mah status
[LIKE] mah status if you don’t give a fuck!
[LIKE] mah status if you have a Tumblr
[LIKE] mah status and I won't kill myself, do it!
[LIKE] mah status if you love to film yourself.
(I love to film my fuckin self)
[LIKE] mah status if the first time you saw this, you were like ahhhhhhh! oh my god.
[LIKE] mah status if you think I’m sexy.
[LIKE] mah status if you [LIKE] mah status!
[LIKE] mah status if you like penis.
[LIKE] mah status if you like vagina.
You got a phone? [LIKE] mah status!
"Hello, hey girl you know that bitch named Deltrice?" "Ya girl I know that girl named Deltrice." "Well you know what she did?" "No girl what she do?" "That bitch didn’t [LIKE] my status!"
[LIKE] my status! Oh my god.
So I'm tired of all this [LIKE] mah status bullshit on Facebook! While I’m trying to see other peoples posts, I can’t see them with your conceded ass [LIKE] Mah Status quotes on your mutherfuckin Facebook blowing up my mutherfuckin wall. You all need to cease and desist immediately cause I just can’t take this shit any more and if you gonna do it, do it at the late late wee hours of the morning when nobody is awake and don’t get made when nobody [LIKE]s your shit cause you know you are the only one to blame for that shit ok?!
Don’t be like: “Why is nobody [LIKE]ing my status?” “Why does nobody think I’m pretty?” “Why does nobody [LIKE] the things that I do, oh my god?” Guess, what? Nobody gives a shit! So what you need to do is, you need to chill your ass out will all this LMS shit ok, and you need to shut it down! Because this shit ain’t cute. And by cute, it’s getting on everybody’s fucking nerves so you need to stop right now! And that’s all I have to say on this subject, stink ass! [LIKE] mah status if you like this blog, [LIKE]ing my status, which you should [LIKE] my status for just [LIKE]ing the blog post on [LIKE]ing my status. [LIKE][LIKE][LIKE] MAH STATUS!
Just fuckin stop, ok?!"

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